Friday, October 26, 2012

More Calaca Love and Dem Sum

Today, I begin my countdown for my week in Austin, TX.  My daughter and her family live there and I try to get out there as many times as possible...the 5 grandchildren.  My oldest, Joel, will be coming down from Ft. Worth during the weekend for a visit to, I think, but if not, I'll see him at Thanksgiving.  My hubby and I will be making a road trip to Austin/Houston/San Antonio during that holiday week.  I had always said that as long as my mother is still with us, I would spend all holidays here at home.  However, the rules sort of changed a little over a month ago, before she was hospitalized.  My sister made plans for she and my mother to return to Phoenix to attend my niece's confirmation ceremony and then off to Mission Viejo, CA to spend Thanksgiving with my little brother and his family.  Well ya know what they say about the best laid plans??? During that time, my sweet man and I decided to make our own plans.  He normally goes to Houston during the Thanksgiving week to visit his oldest son and his family; also, his daughter and grandson have been going down there from Chicago the last couple of years.  We decided since mom would be in CA, we'd go and spend the holiday with our children, however, I would remain in Austin and he travel on to Houston.  The Sat. after Thanksgiving, my daughter, Andria, will drive to to my step-son's home in Houston, and I'll be spending the weekend with them.

I had mentioned to my hubby that I hate that long drive back to El Paso from Houston...I'd rather have a root canal, it's faster and less painful!!  Crossing the great state of Texas is no fun...lots of nothing in between.  So he surprised me with a couple of days in San Antonio, staying in a nice hotel on the River Walk to enjoy the sites ( I hope he doesn't want to go to the Alamo...been there, done that and once is enough!!). We haven't really had a vacation in about three years, only visiting our perspective children and grandchildren in order to get out of town.  The drive back is more scenic, so we'll only have to deal with less of "a lot of nothing" from San Antonio than from Houston!!

I completed a couple of coffee bowls for my daughter.  She's a Starbucks ho and the girl loves her coffee.  The other day, I mentioned a cute bowl she had gotten me years ago with the Cheshire cat on it, I love the Cheshire cat, and that our cleaning lady had broken the saucer.  She had no idea what I was talking about, that is, a coffee bowl.  I explained to her what it was and she then said she wanted a bowl.  During one of my visits to Big Lots, I found a couple  of white ceramic bowls and purchased them.  So here are the fruits of my very fun labour and it was really quite easy to those enamel paints!!

I also wanted to show you another little project I did some time back.

Well, my dalings, I must start my day.  Will be making Caldo de Res (Beef Soup) for the family and need to  start cooking the hell out of the stew meat for the goodies I'll be adding later on.  Have a great weekend and as always, peace out.


Gloria said...

Caldo de res sounds delish. It's that time of year. I may make some next week. I would this weekend but we are out of town to go play for the weekend. When I make caldo, home made tortillas are always on the menu and freshly cooked beans as well. Love your calaca and cups are awesome. Did you bake them too? Have a great holiday in case I don't see you between now and the holidays. Take care. Oh I saw your site at the Latina Artist place. Sent you a message for "friend" tee hee. bye now.

yoborobo said...

Hi Georgina! I love your cups and that adorable skelly doll. I hope you and your DH have a wonderful trip. I remember San Antonio from when I was a kid. I loved that city! Have fun, be good (or not hahaha). xoxo

peggy gatto said...

such wonderful art here, I always enjoy!!
Have a safe trip and of course, have fun with your family!

Janine said...

Hihi hi, the little pupkin is too cute, just like your little granddaughter. I hope you and your family will have a great halloween, and I am sure you are going to be swell witch.
Happy sunday

Cynthia Myers said...

Oh! I love those cups!
Last year? maybe the year before? I bought some porcelain paint and then I got white cups from Goodwill and I had these great ideas and...I did nuthin.
So I admire that you actually created these marvelous bowls!
Sounds like you and yours have a good plan for the Holidays.
Enjoy your weekend and be safe.
xoxo - Cindi

La Doña said...

Hola my lovely Georgina,

So glad to read about all your planned adventures, have fun and be safe. Love those coffee bowls. This last week I was talking to my husband about looking for some. Every time I see them featured in a blog or just anywhere, I want one. Yours are very unique and delightful. Buen provecho with the caldo the res. Quidate.