Sunday, October 5, 2008

Muerto Art & Other Stuff

Thought I'd post of few of my creations I've been working on for a dear friend who owns a
kitchen shop. She asked me to make kitchen witches, but instead, I've come up with KEETCHEN CREETERS. She also asked me to make some Dia De Los Muertos art and in keeping with the integrity of the subject, kitchen, I came up with something really funny. I was watching "Bones," of course, the other night and the idea hit me like a bolt of lightening, not that I've ever been hit by a bolt of lightening, but my idea hit me like a jolt or boom! I grabbed my sketch book and began making a few thumb nail drawings. The next day the ideas began flooding in (I keep making wet related metaphors...I guess the rain and thunder outside are controlling my verbiage)!!! The doll with the red polka dotted dress is actually an old napkin I received as a set at one of my wedding showers 38 years ago. The marriage didn't last, but the napkin did and was put to a good, creative use.

So hope you like my new stuff and leave comments, please. I can take it!! Need to get back into the studio since I've got lots of time today. My husband and son went to my stepdaughters new place to move her and her family. If they stay long enough, they'll just stay and watch the Cowboys game (my husband is a die hard Cowboy's fan, but as for me, "Quite frankly my dear...). I've got most of the day or afternoon if I don't off this thing. Just me, my art and the laundry!


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Georgina,

Thanks for letting us know of your blog. Your art dolls are really cool! I love whimsical dolls. Are the heads made from clay?
Love the Keetchen Creeters too!

Norma S.

Georgina said...


The heads are made of Paper Clay. I just love the product and the finish it leaves. It has a lot of the same elements as earthen clay, but no firing is necessary. Thanks for visiting.