Saturday, October 18, 2008

My New Lifestyle

Here is a pic of my breakfast from this morning. Looks good, right? Well, it was if it were a friggin' sample plate. The pancakes were quite good, but the sausage reminded me of bad breath, that is, the taste of bad breath....blah!!! It's one of those veggie meat substitutes; I'd rather have eat grass!!!! The entree is called "Silver Dollar Pancakes" well they couldn't have given it a better name, the pancakes were the size of silver $$'s! An ant could starve to death on this!!

My husband and son went to a friend's house for a cookout and watch the local college football game being televised. I had to back out because my discipline just isn't where it should be and I'm afraid I'd give in...bratwurst, homemade potato salad, fresh rolls and homemade cake and pie. If that doesn't put me in a foul mood, I just don't what will!!! LOL Anyway, for now I must stay focused because I'm tired of lugging around this extra whale blubber.

Well, it's time for me to head back into the kitchen and enjoy my Jenny Craig Pot Stickers and a trough of salad.


Jackie said...

Hello...thanks for the kind comments. Your blog is so funny....and I love your dollies. I am still learning about my blog too, I am not technical at all. I do get inspiration from all the great eye candy out there in blogland!! Have fun with it :) jackie

Anonymous said...

What exactly does bad breath taste like...oh, Jenny Craig sausage--gross. Seriously, you better lose mega weight on this thing--eating that food is torture. As a fluffy person and your daughter, we must work together, against bad food, sickening diets, and the hope and prayers to be thin...besides, staying home that night didn't turn out too got to talk to me :)