Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Feeding my daughter Banana Pudding in abstencia

My Baby, Ian

Daughter Andria (in abstencia)

Mr. Happiness (Joel)

Well, here I go, I'm going to break one of my most precious rules, I'm going to post pictures of my children (none of pets so far...they have to do something extraordinary for that). I had a party for my 2 boys this past weekend and if I say so myself, it was a success, of course there were only a few family members that came. It was nice to have an adult party....hadn't had one of those in a while. The food was gooood as was the desert. My older son, Joel a.k.a Mr. Happiness, asked for Banana Pudding and my youngest, Ian, asked for rice pudding. Mission accomplished even though I had to go to Municipal Court for jury duty, for class C misdomeanor (traffic court???) on Friday (was planning on getting everything done for the party then). I got there, after having to deal with downtown morning traffic, parked across the street, fed the slot $4.35, walked across the street just to be told the case had been settled! I told the guy I had just fed the slot for parking and he just grinned and said "My bad," yea, well, "My bad" this!!! Anyway, I managed to do the right thing and told this poor woman who was circling the parking lot looking for a space that she could have mine, after all, it was paid. My only request was that she in turn do something nice for a stranger.

I then called the wife of my ex-husband, the other woman, and told her I was on my way to pick up Ian. She knew of my situation concerning jury duty and I told her what happened and even quoted a little Shakespeare....whoosh, over her head!! So I pick up Ian at O-dawn:30, he's barely awake, but was glad I got him early. He didn't want to have to go with his father and stepmother to watch them get their pedicures and manicures...oh my.

Took my 86 year old mother to visit her sister, my 90 year old aunt, and they reminisced about their youth when they would visit relatives in Northern Mexico during the summers. It was fun listening to them talk about dances and old beaus. I know these little visits will be a thing of the past soon, but while I can, I'll make sure there will be many more visits for them.

Well need to run now. Was able to talk my hubby into taking me out. Wasn't that hard actually, just told him I didn't want to make dinner tonight so he was taking me out!!

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