Sunday, March 8, 2009

No Likey No More

I just came across something really funny, I've been eliminated from someones favorite list on Etsy. Once she liked me, now she doesn't....what's all that about. I haven't done anything offensive, nor is my work controversial, but but the artist decided she didn't like me anymore!!

Hate to admit it, but I wish I knew why she erased me from her life by a click on an X in a box in her "Favorites." I know she found one of my dolls, actually, the name and story of one of my dolls, questionable because she took it very personally, but that was back in November...I thought we had worked this out...she didn't like the name of the doll, her opinion made, and I didn't change the name, artist's perogative. I'm not going to be bullied by anyone. She was the only one who found it offensive because she had many problems stemming from her childhood. I'm very sorry for her life, really I am, but how is it I'm involved with that? I told her my son is autistic and was on similar meds as she. My son has very big shoulders and has a love for life and video games!!! LOL

I had a very dear friend who years ago told me that if begin to feel sorry for myself or take my life too seriously, it will eat me from the inside out. Her suggestion...laugh...not at him, but with him. She's an expert on this subject since her oldest child has learning disabilities and other serious disorders. My son was the one who would point out the kids in his special ed. class that were crazy or just liked to clap and smile a lot! Believe you me, it wasn't easy to keep a serious face at the Special Olympics either...he would tell me some of the kids there just weren't right in the this is the pot calling the kettle black!

I explained to my older 2 children that life should be taken as a blessing and their little brother is a blessing. My daughter's taken this to heart...she's pregnant with her 4th, going through hell with this pregnancy, but wants to repeat it in another 2 years after this one is born!! Unfortunately, my oldest son didn't get the message...he's a very angry young man.

Anyway, I digress, disabilities are a fact of life, no matter how one developed them, born with them, or it just happened....who knows. All I know is that I don't take life too seriously and perhaps that's why I'm a very happy person. I don't have a big house nor do I drive a new car nor can we take a vacation every year, but I'm sooo blessed and sooo happy with my life. I have a wonderful family and friends and I couldn't ask for anything else other than maybe losing about 80lbs., in the process of that, and new carpeting throughout the house.

I think I'm going back and make her a favorite of mine (xed her out too from my favs) not to prove anything, but because I truly love her work! And I'll pray for her and others who are suffering within themselves due to crap that's happened in their so many of us. Peace out.


LuLu said...

Bonjour Georgina! Thanks for stopping by and for joing my list of followers. Don't worry about someone quitting your followers' list. This has happened to me too and found out that it was just a matter of me not leaving comments or responding each time she visited my site. Peoplel are just so uptight! Oh yeah! Tattoos are not so cool looking on older women, same for piercings. I saw this quite old lady (in her 80's) at the beach in Florida, a while ago, she was pierced here and there and I feared for her to get hooked on a nail or something pointy. Her skin was so thin that it would have ripped right there. Keep up with the optimistic side, life is lovely! Take care, LuLu

Andria said...

Oh mother...welcome to the world of internet rejection. I have had many a "friends" vanish on me here and there on Myspace and facebook--at first it's the "what did I do, I thought I was nice to you...I had funny bulletins, we never exchanged comments, I'm way cooler than Tom", but, after awhile, you stop giving a rats ass and see it as one less person to get in the way when you're searching for a real friend.

I love how losing 80lbs and new carpet are a big priority...get pregnant, I've lost 20 pounds already--best diet ever. As for wanting another child, yes, it's insane, but, it will even out the family and get me to stop reproducing. I hope this illness is a fluke and I'll never go through it again!!! Keep your head up, you've been through a lot the last few months--I know, understatement of the century. Remember, you have that horrible trip with Baba coming up...oh, what I wouldn't do to be a fly on the car roof for that!!! I love you mom, totally forgot you had a blog, but, now I'm following you--creeepy