Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Out of Town and Out of Mind

I want to introduce you to my new additions to my Etsy shop. The heart is Heart Burn, the red angel is Dinita, and the pretty purple girly is Rose. Hope you like them, better yet, hope you just have to have them!! LOL I have a couple of other small paintings waiting to be completed, but I'll have to wait till next week, late next week. Remember all, these originals!

I'll be leaving town this Thurs. ..going on a road trip...my mother and I!!! Two women, one 57 and menopausal and the other 86 and holding. Should be interesting. We're going up to visit my sis who purchased a new house last year. My mother wanted to go to see it, but with my Pop's condition, there was no way. After Pop went to the Great Links in Heaven, I asked her if she still wanted to take a road trip to Phoenix. Long story short, we leave early Thurs. and leave early on the 31st. Looking forward to the Diaz girls spending time together. I know my mother will have a great time....she deserves it.

Well, will tell all upon my return next week. Have a good one and God bless. Peace out.


Andria said...

I do love "Heartburn"...might have to check out Etsy and snag me one of those!! Of course, I'm sure Michael will be tired of our household being decorated in "Georgina Originals", what can I say, I'm you're number 1 fan!!!

Please try to have fun on your vacation...granted, I'd rather have a colonoscopy than be stuck in a car with Baba for 6 hours, but, you're used to it!! I'll make sure an elderly woman isn't abandoned in the desert by watching the nightly news...if so, I'll place the call and claim her! Take lots of pictures!!!! Love ya!

twinklescrapbooks said...

I love these! My family is Mexican and I have a bookshelf with Marys and angels next to a wall of crucifixes. My favorite piece is my Virgin Mary waterglobe. I found it in an antique store. You make beautiful art!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

OOOOOO My favorite is the Heartburn!!!simply wonderful!!!
Georgina I do so enjoy it immensely when you come visit me!!!
Thanks a bunch!!