Sunday, January 3, 2010


Wow, I'm really impressed with some of you who are already creating for Valentines Day..where do you get the energy...or I want what you're smoking! A few weeks ago my son and I were at our nearest Dollar General looking for ribbon for our Christmas wrapping and when I went to the other side to see if there were anymore, really picked over, there they were, those horribly tempting, heart shaped little candies and other heart ephemera. Of course here we were buying the left-overs for Christmas and there was Valentines staring right at first reaction was "big-ass eye roll" and the next thing that came out of my ever moving lips were, "Give me a friggin' break!!!"

Valentines is no biggie for me or da hubby...we exchange the usual serious then funny cards, buy good steaks and sides for our meal at home, have a few drinks then sit down and watch a movie or our favorite television programs...yep, we're really very romantic!! LOL But we really love being together in our own living room. I remember when I was younger, Valentines was a very big deal, however, it lost it's luster (literally) after my ex and I split up. I remember Valentines wasn't so important to me. I wasn't one of those women who stayed in their homes, curled up in a fetal position in a corner, rocking too and fro for lack of love. If my kids wanted to do something, we did, if not, I would just treat it as any other day. I remember one Valentine my daughter and I spent it by going to Barnes & Noble...she thought she was a total loser by going to a book store on the night of love and hanging out with her mother, however, I was in hog heaven. Put me in a music or book store and I'm a very happy little camper!!! Another one was back in the late 90's when both my sister and I found ourselves with no hubbies (they left us a mere 2 weeks apart) and really quite happy without them. We spent our Valentines going to one of our favorite little eateries outside the city limits where they served a mean Top Shelf Margarita and tender steak tampiquena!!! We had a blast and speaking of blast, we had lots of margs and got blasted!!! Now that was a fun night!!

Well, I don't know how I tracked to that, I was going to talk about ideas for the upcoming celebrations. I suppose I need to just sit and just let my creative juices far it's been a parched leetle stream! Need to go to B&N today and start looking at some magazines or craft books to get that spark going again...better yet, stay home and look at all the gazillion magazines and books that I there's a thought. Well, time to run and take my son to buy his father his birthday gift. I'm going to suggest a Play Boy calendar, the perfect gift for the immorally self-righteous!!! hahahaha Peace out.


oldblackcatboo said...

Hey you! That's exactly what I am doing right now! Working on some Valentines Day Cat dolls! I made a promised to myself that I would open my Etsy shop after the Holidays and I'm determined to keep that promise! (I just needed a break from the sewing machine, so here I am! LOL!)
Personally I don't observe Valentines Day because I don't have any special man in my life now and as cynical as it sounds I find myself happier without the grief (Oh my! I must stay off my soapbox!) Anyway I AM happy for those who do have a GOOD guy...
So, when I get these kitties done, you'll have to check them out (I think you might like the theme! LOL!)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think the only reason I have any ideas is because I physically cannot DO them right now! It's like the ultimate laugh on my body!!!
But, I've had little to do but think about the art I cannot make, soooooo, that could be why.
Or maybe I just had a mental short curcuit! LOL!
I was in D.G. today and yes, there was all the Valentine crap. I just like hearts.....


Tracy M. said...

Happy New Year!! I too am trying to get into the Valentine's art making spirit. I'm kind of the same way, it's not such a big deal to me either. I suppose after 23 years of marriage we should put a little effort into it, NAW!
Good Luck to finding some insiration and so glad you got a new puter.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Hey crazy one Obi good or else.
I am so far over Valentines Day. I know how to pace myself and I am on to summer stuff, cuz by the time I get them finished it will nice and early for summer. If I started V day now I would be working like a nut case up until the last minute. I actually sat down and did a time line to be ahead of the curve instead of standing on the road at the curve. HUH??? anyway, I admire folks who can deadline themselves closely, it gives me gas. Like a fine bean burrito.
As to celebrating V day, oh yeah. But not the traditional way, I put a V tree, no really, like you don't have a tree for every holiday silly woman. Sweet Man has been off the hook for all these years cuz a present or flowers or diamonds (that'll be the day) or other notions of the day have never been our thing. We just snuggle ever day and count it as good.
The vert word is apefunde. I can't, I just can't. You can tho.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I don't do Valentine's Day ... not really. I don't even make things to sell for Valentine's Day, even though it's a good sales holiday. My interest just isn't there.

Though, one year I did make Valentines which had anatomical hearts on them. They were not a huge hit.

Sophia said...

Oh my goodness. It just turned January 1st! Can we enjoy the new year and month first?! :) I cannot believe all of the Valentine's stuff out already.

WingingIt said...

happy new love!!! you are filled with ideas just screaming to get out! just keep walking forward.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2010 Georgina! I'm surprised with the Rosca story, because in Spain tomorrow we're going to eat the "Roscón de reyes"!(in Catalonia we called "Tortell de reis") It contains a little king and a bean inside.When you eat it, if you find the bean, you must pay the cake.If you find the king, you are crowned with a gold paper crown :)
Besos y abrazos!

Deborah said...

Oh LoVe Barnes and Noble. I could stay there all day, especially the magazine rack. Why is it every magazine just screams to me that it can change my life! Just like a new shampoo does...could it be that I am quite vulnerable? NO!
**blows 2010 kisses** Deb

Deborah said...

Awe, thank you for the anniversary wishes! It will probably be more eventful than the year we had a 1-year-old and I was pregnant and due any day! Two days later we remembered we both forgot about it!
**kisskiss** Deb