Thursday, April 21, 2011

ADO & Shrine Auction

Greeting All! I have a bit of good news that's happening out here in my little corner of West TX. First of all, I have been accepted into ADO, Art Dolls Only, This is such an honor and privilege to be part of this very talented group of doll artists. I've been waiting 2 years for there to be openings for new members and Monday, as I was going through my dashboard list of buddies, I spotted a post from the ADO blog and there it was, they were accepting applications for new members. I'm sorry if I missed any of your blogs, but I clicked right to their list of instructions on how to apply and by the the next morning, I had an email stating I was accepted. I did my little "happy dance!!" Ok, mental picture that will be burned into your psyches forever!! LOL I still have to set up my page and get the ball rolling, but I have already gotten some very good feedback from other members, doll artists I have admired and followed their careers. I'm still in shock and so humbled by this honor. I just had to share the good news.

The next little tidbit of information, is the coming auction of for the street children living in Oaxaca, Mexico. I believe I did a post about this some time ago. I learned about it from the wonderful and talented, Abi Monroe, and decided it was join in. Here is my little offering, called "Lupita's Shrine."

Opening day is Friday, April 29 in the evening to the global public for a preview and the online auction bidding to be held Sunday, May 1-Saturday, May 7. For more information about times, please visit Rebecca at
Rebecca is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever known...she's just amazing! So go take a look and please, consider bidding on one or as many shrines you desire.

And now for more news, my daughter is finally a "Sadie, Sadie, Married Lady!" They tied the knot yesterday afternoon, strep throat and all, and said their "I-do's." Michael's parents, now my daughter's "out-laws," were present, I'm happy to say. It was good that someone from the family was there other than the bride and groom. A friend of hers made them a "420" cake, celebrating the happy union and er, another occasion. I haven't done my research yet, but "420" is a day of recognition and celebration for the little lovely plant called, "cannibus!" For those who are not familiar with the "Latin" term, it simply means, weed, pot, Mary Jane!! I'll Google it later, but I think it all started in San Francisco, of course!! LOL So my girl married her first on Feb. 29th, now the 2nd is on 420...great!! In her defense, she didn't recognize the date till yesterday when she phoned me and told me what day it was...I already knew! Hey, don't judge me, I'm up on current events!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Well, my friends, time for me to head on out and do some more work on this 'puter. I even had to politely ask DH to please vacate the desk chair during his lunch break, (he can play hours of Solitaire) because I had to get some emails out and do other stuff before 3:00....picking up my oldest at the airport. He's coming into town just for a couple of days to pick up his stuff at his storage unit and drive a U-Haul back to his new home, in Houston, TX....finally has a job after being unemployed for almost one year, so much for having 2 undergrad degrees. So adios folks, hasta la pasta, don't forget to check the date for the auction on your calendars, daily planners or write it on your forearm, have a wonderful weekend, don't eat too many chocolate bunnies and their eggs or they will haunt you later, maybe sooner if you eat too much of them!! Peace out.


Gloria said...

That's a great shrine Georgina for a good cause. Love the name Lupita. Congrats to your daughter and congrats to you for being accepted in the Art Dolls Only. Happy for you. Have a wonderful Easter. Take care.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Congrats on ADO!!! It's a wonderful honor and so well deserved :o)) LOL on your daughter getting married on 420. Did I ever tell you that I married the same guy twice? LOL! Remember the pics on my blog not to long ago where we were so young? LOL we got married on 420 in 1985, divorced in 2004, and remarried in 2005 LOL. We didn't know what the date was when we originally married either LOL. Congrats to your daughter and new out-law son! (oh btw we picked a different date when we remarried LOL!) Have a wonderful weekend! xo Michele

yoborobo said...

Hey, Georgina! That's great news about ADO! And your daughter got married. Double congrats to you! Your shrine is lovely, my dear. I am headed off to bed. Allergies are trying to do me in. lol! xox Pam

La Doña Jenny said...

Hello Dear Georgina,

Thank you for stopping by and congratulations to your acceptance into ADO! How exciting. Quidate y muchos abrazos!


rebecca said...

dear one,

thank for the arrival of your sweet and inspiring lupita!!! she is lovely!!!

your words too are so kind. i welcome you to this years shrine auction with all the shared hope of making a difference in the lives of countless deserving children.

so glad we found each other. the blog world is wonderful like that!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This shrine is so beautiful and I am so happy your son has found and acquired good work in Houston. Congratulations on the ART dolls only acceptance. I hope you have had a wonderful Easter dear friend. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen
We are still dodging the Spring storms here in Newark...but tonight I am volunteering at the Midland theater with Crosby and Nash performing.