Friday, April 15, 2011

Love Is In The Air, I Hope!!

Above is a picture of my daughter, Andria, when she was five years old. She attended a private kindergarten then because she, as my other 2 children, were born in Sept. (I'll save you the counting of fingers...December was apparently our "whoo-hoo" time), which is the cut-off age for children entering school in TX. She was going to turn 5 Sept. 15th, 1983, but since she wasn't 5 at the end of August, she and all the other Sept. kiddos had to wait another year before they could enter Kindergarten. Well, Andria wasn't going to wait, not her, she had been ready for the classroom from birth!!

She used to play both teacher and student from the time she was two. My sister had given her and my oldest son, Joel, who is 2 years older, desks and she took that Fisher-Price piece of furniture really seriously! I recall once she came into the family room excited about the fact she "could read," and wanted me to go back to her blue and pink little room to listen, so I complied. She read a long soliloquy of Cookie Monster and the importance of brushing one's teeth. I sat on her Strawberry Shortcake covered bed as she read all five pages. I was impressed since she was only 3 and I had never really taught her to read. I thought perhaps she had listened in during her older brother's required reading time and heard me help him pronouce words. I had difficulty showing him how to read since I was taught phonetically as opposed to sight-words, but we managed.

One night at the dinner table, Joel gave away her secret out of anger and spite because she had eaten his Milky Way candy bar his grandmother had given him...she also got one, but Andria always lived in the moment and was one of those "instant gratification" type of gals, still is!! It turned out, she sat at her little desk, listened to one of her Sesame Street vinyls on her record player and memorized the story. I was still pretty impressed since she knew when to turn the pages. Joel was "spittin'" mad at is sister as he had every right, but I couldn't help but think what a clever little girl I had sired. Of course, she was reprimanded, no dessert after dinner, and had to buy her brother a candy bar to replace the temptation she had succumbed to earlier, with her allowance...ya know, hit them where it hurts!!

As I said, the photo above was taken at age 5 right before we headed out to her school for her Kindergarten graduation ceremony. I don't recall exactly why they dressed in costume, but she wore my sister's China (cheena) Poblana outfit. If your interested, Google China Poblana, but it's a native dress of Mexico, well, one of the many. My mother had it in her "Ope Chest-er" which is actually " Hope Chest," but that's how my maternal grandmother pronounced it...we liked her version better!! LOL My mother had to rebead the silk skirt and we went to Juarez, right across the border from us, and we bought the sash and I think, a new blouse. I bought the huge ribbons for her hair and this is the finished product....she was adorable!

That was me during my "big har" days....someone talked me into getting it all permed up since my hair is as limp as old spaghetti....really glad I got over that look!! LOL Amazing, was I ever that young and that thin??!!! Take a look at those shoulder pads!!! That pic was taken in front of our fire place in the only house I owned with the ex.

The reason I'm dedicating this blog to my daughter is that she is going to do it again, as she told me over the phone yesterday, "Mom, he's buying the cow!" Odd way of telling me she's getting married again, but that's Andria! My future s-i-l asked me and her father for her hand in marriage, via a text back in early December. He gave her the ring for Christmas, but no definitive date was set, until yesterday. The baby was sick Wed., so she stayed home from work to take him to the doctor...stomach flu...yuck!! Michael had gotten the good news that he had been hired by Apple and will begin working in May but will continue working on towards his college degree. Stomach flu and all, it was turning out to be a really happy day, so they decided to go to a little town up the road from them and get their license.

So next Wed. is the big day and I, unfortunately, will not be attending. Her last marriage was also through a JP, but here in town. The bride wore a lovely lavender dress with small floral embroidery work and was 7 months along with my sweet Sean!! LOLOLOLOL They did have a reception at what was my old house and everyone had a great time. Her father didn't' stay long since his bride was waiting for him at home and as he saw the guests arriving, my aunt and cousins walked in, he knew my parents weren't far behind, so he high tailed father never got around to calling him a "son-of-a-bitch," and he wasn't about to stick around and give him that opportunity!!! Again, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! So, she and Michael will have their civil ceremony next week, but they are going to treat themselves, with a little help from me (very little help) and have the "big fat beaner" wedding next summer. I'm hoping she'll be with child again, this time with maybe, hopefully a little girl. I love my Penis Posse, but I would love to have a little granddaughter so I can dress her in her aunt's China Poblana skirt, rebead it and put big red ribbons in her hair someday! Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

omg Georgina...only YOU would hope your daughter is *heavy with child* at the big beaner wedding....ah-hahahahaha!!!! (that's why I love you--you funny girl!)
So congrats to the two of them and hopefully everyone will be WELL for the wedding, part uno.
Part dos is what I wanna read about.... ;-D


Gloria said...

Congratulations to your daughter. You looked great with your shoulders and poofed up hair and your daughter just a little doll. All the best wishes to you and your family Georgina. I'll google China Poblana just for the hecks of it.:) Great post and wonderful story. Have a great weekend amiga.

Linda in New Mexico said...

What a kewl story from the past and and even kewler one for now. Congrats to Andie and Michael. And congrats to you too. I'm happy for all of you. Linda

yoborobo said...

Aw, Georgina, that is wonderful news. I wish the very best to your daughter and her new hubby. I hope they have lots of bambinos of all kinds (haha) and you get to spoil everyone rotten. LOVE your hair and those shoulder pads. I can always tell the year of the photos from my stupid glasses (they are bigger as I go back in time! Weeeee!). Be good - xox Pam

Andria said...

Damn you making me cry!!! We were both so young and thin, even if I was five! I hope to not be pregnant during the big beaner wedding, hoping to have a little one before...also hoping for that little girl (have my voo-doo tonic, lemonade douche, and hot ball soaks all lined up), but, after four penis' I prepare for another! I love you mom, wish you could be here. I won't be breaking out the maternity dress from my wedding past, but, I'll try to find a nice pair of jeans....obviously won't wear white, who am I kidding?!?!?!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Congrats to your daughter and your new sil!! Oh heck, I'm an 80's girl, I love that big hair and shoulder pads LOL...okay so maybe not the shoulder pads ;o) I just heard on the radio that supposedly 80's hair is coming back! This should make the hair spray companies happy :o) You're daughter was too cute for words in her costume :o) Smart girl too! Have a good weekend and find some trouble ;o) xo Michele

oldblackcatboo said...

Congrats to Andria!
What a little sweetie she is, dressed in her cute outfit.
I'm not at all surprised to hear how smart she was as a child. She is a great writer and I've enjoyed all of her posts. I think that she should be writing a column and be the next Erma Bombeck!
And I must say Georgina, you are GORGEOUS, big hair and all!
And hey, I read somewhere that shoulder pads were coming back in style (tee hee) I think I have some in the back of a drawer somewhere :)
XOXO - Cindi

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

LOL great blog and you and your daughter are adorable...great post as usual. I thought I was the only one with "stuff" from 2007! Have a great weekend! Love you! Mary Helen

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

lol @ he bought the cow..... I wish I could live in the moment like andria I'm way tooo over analytical.

Her dad is a wise man higtailing right before the big boss came through...

Congrats to the bride and can't wait for the beaner wedding they always end up with the best food and music. As far as the lentils does she really burn them? and who lets brownies burn... my oh my poor oven.

Janine said...

These photos are beautiful.
Oh this shoulder pads, this were the 80th!!
You look great on this photo and your daughter looked so sweet in that dress.
Well, times they are changing..
Have a great week

Abi said...

Congrats to your daughter - was great seeing some old photos :O)

Have you created your shrine yet my dear? I am somewhat behind!!