Friday, April 8, 2011

Mice & Men

"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men...." a quote from Robert Burns poem, "To a Mouse," pretty much applied to my morning. This would have been the first real morning where I didn't have to get up early for either taking my mother on errands, doggie doc appointments, cleaning lady, my dental appt., etc. My SM even left earlier than usual and I slept in till 8:14 a.m. I had a rough night, have had those kind-o nights since menopause, but now that I'm "post" menopausal, WTF???? I'm still symptomatic...still get hot flashes too...again, WTF?????? So I slept in and it was wonderful! I got up, poured myself a cup of java, grabbed the newspaper, sat on our new couch and just hunkered down for delicious solitude and silence. Then they came! I hadn't finished reading the first article about the government shut-down on the front page when, they arrived. Yes, the mowing guys! My honey works for a lawn care company and as a perk, we get free mowing, weed and other critter chemical control services.

Right away, Senor Cacahuate, our crooked-mouthed, almost toothless, Chihuahua (thinks he's a friggin' lion) began his yipping and yapping, off the decibel chart!! The motors started from both the mower and edger, on top of that, the 2 guys were screaming at each other over the noise of their machines...actually, it was a conversation, but in order to hear each other, they had to shout ...again, off the decibel chart!! So I decided I'd forgo the paper for now and go take a shower and listen to my favorite morning local talk show. I put up the volume on the radio so I could hear it over the shower, and as I washed up, I was yucking it up listening to a couple of comedians who were preforming at one the comedy clubs around here this weekend. Then they decided to finish up in the backyard, there went any kind of peace and quiet in the bathroom, no more radio listening, so I turned it off. At the same time, now both Chihuahuas were yapping and carrying on, I thought they were going to have a cardiac from all the excitement....sheesh!! They were clearing up all the dirt and debris from our recent dust storms...that's our lovely Spring weather around here. I then had to endure their discussions about the previous night's adventures in their prospective bedrooms or where ever!! Talking about a "rolling your eyes to the back of your head and oey vey" moment!!! Oey Vey!!! I decided it was time for a little breakfast, left over chilaqueles from last night, and head back into the living room and turned on the tv...LOUDLY!! At some point, the only thing I could hear was the sound of the rather loud television and realized, they were gone. Once again, it's peaceful, except for the distant barking of some other dog who also wants to rip the throats out of their owner's mowing guys!!

I have completed a portion of my studio projects, packaged and shipped them off to buyers and the gallery...feels good. For those of you who don't FB, here is a sample of the rest of the Easter Skellie Bunnies I have sent off to Xico, Inc. Also, I received this wonderful print and post cards from one of my FB buds, Sandy Garcia, from CA. She was born here in El Paso, but like all good Mexicans from here, the fam moved to LA!! I lost many pals to Cali!! I hope to meet her someday since most of her family still lives here and some in Austin...hmmm, she and I have that in common too!!
Small paper mache eggs

Larger paper mache eggs

Sandy's stuff

This week and part of next, I've decided I'm going to work on some stuff that I have put on the back burner till now. First, I'm making a couple of Calavera head pins for the shop owner who is renting my father's old office...she asked me back in November to make her a couple for her mother and aunt, two absolutely lovely ladies. Also, one of my dearest friends daughter married in Dec. and even though Iwasn't invited to the nuptials and reception, open to only family and very close friends of the bride and groom, I told Renie I'd make something for Megan and her hubby as a wedding gift. Megan loves the old paintings of local churches I used to make years ago when she was a little girl..her mother asked me to make one of St. Francis of Assisi in Tularosa, NM. So once when we were on our way up the road to Ruidoso, NM for a weekend getaway, we stopped in front of the church and I took some pics, then came home and made Renie a painting for her birthday....oh Lord, so long ago...was another lifetime. So Megs wants something like that. I decided on painting the Ysleta Mission on the Tigua Indian Res., which is just down to valley from us. Haven't painted missions in years, so I hope I haven't lost my touch!

I also have a book I must start for book club. I have had the book lying on my coffee table for a couple of weeks, but haven't had the time to even crack it open...have no idea what it's about, so going to be surprised!! My mother has another doc's appointment this Monday and it's with the marathon wait doc, so maybe I'll be able to read it in it's entirety like I have other book club selections, unless some woman comes in with a screaming baby who likes throwing bottles at people...remember that blog???

Before I say my adieu, I want to wish my ol' buddy, Linda from and her adorable grandson, Ry, a very happy birthday..."HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU OL' PEDO!!!" & "A GREAT BIG HUG TO YOU, RY!!" Peace out.


Gloria said...

Sorry you didn't get the quiet day you wanted, but there will be others. Those are great skulls/paper mache egges, and your friend Sandy's work is very nice. How great that you get free yardwork. Sure could use that. Enjoy your book and tell Cacahuate to quiet down. Tee hee. Oh it's Linda's b/day? Have to get over there and wish her a H/B. Take care dear.::hugs::

Linda in New Mexico said...

There I was minding my own beeswax enjoying your rantaroo about the lawn folks, and your new projects and then you had to go and make me cry. Damn you. Why are you nice to me? Don't you know I can't stand getting my heart strings plucked? You are a goodie vieja....besos.
Hey I just thought about a new name for us. You know the Mexican singing group Los Lonely Boys?.....well we could be Las Buenas Veijas huh?
I want to see the paintings of the mission.

yoborobo said...

I think what happened today is like the old saying "If you want to make God smile, tell Him your plans." I hope things stay quiet and you get some painting time. The eggs are amazing. You are on a roll! An egg roll (rim shot!). Okay, enough from me. Be good. Try. xoxo!! Pam

PS The gifts you got are lovely!

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Hi Georgina,
Love your stories, LOVE,LOVE,LOVE
those eggs and Oh how I do LOVE Chihuahua's! I could own a hundered of those yappy little My little princess, puffs up and runs outside yapping whether anybody is out there or not! giggle, i love her.
Once we adopted her, little did we know our quiet days were over..


Michele Lynch Art said...

I LOVE LOVE the Easter skellies!!! OMG I thought of you yesterday when both me and my son had to go to the two different doctors on the same day!! I dug out my phone and started to play angry birds and was immediately swarmed by 3 very sticky under 4 year old boys who knew the music from the game lol! waiting room experiences made me think of you lol!! Hope you get some peace and quite this weekend! xo Michele

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Your works are so happy and fun for us all to enjoy. I love the rabbits...the little lion is there to protect you from harm! He is a hero! Have a great weekend! Love you! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Incipient Wings said...

love your posts! they are very entertaining!
sorry you didnt get to relax as much as you wanted...if we werent so far away i'd swear those are the same noisy guys renovating the house next door, talk about eye rolling! lol
your art is so amazing! you are so talented.
Have an amazing weekend and try to get some rest!!!!

Gloria said...

Hi Georgina, looking forward to seeing your paintings. I stopped by about the nopalitos. I rinse mine. I don't eat that goop either, once rinsed they are cruncy and delish. If you buy the ones they sell at the store, just rinse them out in a colander. They usually don't have the goop because they've been semi-cooked. During the summer months I do my own nopalitos since I have the cactus plants. Just can't let them go to waste. Have a great week Las Buenas Veijas Pendejas. lol. Aye Linda...I think that's cute.

Christine's Beadworks said...

OMG, just discovered your blog through our mututal friend Anne and I love your Easter Skele Bunnies!!! Yapping dogs, lawn mowers, and the M word not a fun way for you to spend the morning, but you brought a chuckle to my morning coffee, thank you!