Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Auction Day Is Near & A Short Addendum

Hola Folks, just a reminder of the up and coming auction over at the lovely, Rebecca's, at http://corazon.typepad.com/recuerda_mi_corazon/2011/05/postcards-from-paradise-1.html. The auction dates are now available, plus you get a little peek at some of the talented people participating, including moi! Many have blogs and/or their own sites, so take a look-see.

Other than that, I hope everyone's doing well and gearing up for the summer. I'm actually looking forward to this summer since last summer was a royal bummer. For those of you who remember, I was going off a some strong meds. I'm excited about starting my Dia de los Muertos art work for the gallery...have everything ready to get started. As for vacations, I don't see any in the near horizon. I will have my youngest son, Ian, staying the entire month of June up to the 5th of July and my daughter and grandson, Sammy, are coming at the end of June to spend time with me and her boys who will be with their father for the next 6 weeks. I'm hoping he will allow me to spend some time with them while they're here in town. My stepdaughter, Jessi, and grandson, Aiden, are coming in Oct. and I'm looking forward to their visits too. Maybe SM and I can do a little getaway in the Fall up to Albuquerque/Santa Fe and one of our favorite wineries a bit north of Belen, NM.

Well, this is a short one, but want to get my arse back into the studio and finish some fun stuff I'm doing for my daughter and s-i-l's wedding gift. I'll post when I've completed it. I'm also working on my "Bird Is The Word, " projects, completing one for my sister who asked me to make them in her kitchen colours. I'll post all that together next week. Again, don't forget to go to the auction site and please, please consider bidding on one or some of these wonderful shrines. Have a great and very safe Memorial Day weekend and don't forget to set up a designated driver or just get hammered at home!! LOL Peace out.

ADDENDUM: I thought I'd share the news I received this morning from my daughter, living in Austin, TX. She is giving me one helluva birthday gift...my birthday is Feb. 1 and her due date is Feb. 3rd!!!!!! This crazy person is doing it again, or a-hem, she's done it!!! She and Michael are expecting their 2nd child, she has the 3 boys from the previous hubby and Sammy from Michael. They hope for a girl, so do I, but if it's another little apple with a stem, I'll be thrilled anyway. So I won't be buying cute girlie tutu's or hairbands or dolls, but I'm already conditioned for a little guy anyway. So my gift next year will be taking a trip to Austin to care for 4 little boys while she's in hospital. Mind you , she had one ovary removed last Oct. so she's operating on half strength!! I told her that her eggs are just plain "hoes!" I can just see those little swimmers making their way to the Ova Hoe House!! Who-hoo!! Peace out.


rebecca said...

i love being in your company.

looking forward to your birds.

yoborobo said...

Oh, I cannot wait to see your bride and groom and your birds! I hope you get to have lots of time with the grans this summer. :) I am going to go visit the shrines now! xoxo Pam

Michele Lynch Art said...

You are a super busy woman! Oh a winery get a way sounds like my kind of a trip! I'll for sure go take a look at all the auctions! You're so talented I'm sure yours will be fabulous! Have a good visit with all the kidos! I'm sure I'll talk to you before then though :o) Have a great weekend coming up! xo Michele

yoborobo said...

Oh, Georgina!!!! CONGRATS to all. I bet you are the best grandma ever. :) xox Pam

Gloria said...

Hi Georgina. You are always doing something interesting. Looking forward to your birds and also looking forward to the auction. Haven't been able to leave comments, hope this gets through. take care.

Marie S said...

You will be busy this summer girl!!
Congratulations on your new Grand!!!