Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back Home Jiggety Jig

I'm back home now from my little vacae to Austin. Was great to see everyone including my little men. I was able to get acquainted with my newest little guy, Sammy. He's just adorable, but what else can Mama Crow say about him. He's put on lots of weight as a result of my daughter's vigilant breast feedings. I tried to talk into going out for a little longer and allow Michael to feed him a bottle of her own milk, but she wouldn't have's the boob only!!! shish!!! Of course, I wasn't a breast those bottles and formula. I tried, but bottom line, I didn't like it...oh well.

We all went to the Pecan Festival in downtown Austin and it was like a sauna out there. The weather had gotten warm again and the rains came, finally, however, that equals humidity, my Moriority....hate it and it hates me more! Andria kept asking me if there was something I might like to look at in the way of art but I was too busy looking at all the freaks including the famous Lesley, Austin's own homeless homosexual icon and quite a character...only in Austin!!! As we were walking along stopping at every water vendor, we spotted the guy with the snake. We watched giggly little college girls trying to impress their boyfriends or group, screaming at the last minute and refused to put Senor Snake on their shoulders. My daughter wanted the boys to feel it since they are NOT slimy to the feel. What a brave little soldier but she eventually allowed her phobia to take over and she yelled, "Get this off of me!" Snap, that's when I gave her the Kodak moment. Since I have no fear of snakes, except those of venomous variety like our local rattlers, I put him on for size. I do believe I got my 15 mins. because cameras were flashing everywhere...I'll probably show up on some poster, stating "Don't do what this idiot's doing!!!!" Or one of those many emails of with pics of stupid people!!!

I'm home now and looking forward to getting back into that studio. I haven't had the chance yet, but I'm getting there, so hope everyone has a great weekend....Falls here and it's cooled down in this desert landscape and the smell is the smell of rain here.

Remember my post about my honey taking me to the Celtic Women concert? Also, remember that I think there was an AC/DC concert in my future, well, I'm good, really gooood. Will attend the Celtic Women on a Sat. and the following evening I'll be moshing to AC/DC!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, that's the least I can do, but I'm trying to talk my stepson into going with his father...that would be a nice evening out for father and son!! Will update you on that later!! Peace out.


Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

OMG, Mama Crow the pix of the two of you is making me go oooooo and aaaaah. You both are very cute and lovely and wonderful.
The snake kicks ass. I love snakes, big lizards etc. I have a picture of me on my ebay stuff with about a 45 pound iguana. I paid the little boy in Puerta Vallara soooooo much to let me hold him just so I could watch the faces of the other tourists. Too funny. Little did they know I have one at home too. Glad your back, glad you had a good time. Blessings and goats, Linda

Bone*Head*Studios said...

AWWW they are the SWEETEST at that age but I love em even more at around one through 7, then they get mouthy!!!hehehe!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I added your name to the award, Thanks a bunch!!!

Abi said...

Gorgeous Sammy! but definately not a gorgeous snake! :O)

Designs By CK said...

Velcome back! '-)

Sunday Hugs,
Chris (-:

glorv1 said...

I am totally afraid of snakes and rats. Ayeeeee, let me out of any where those things exist. Unfortunately they are everywhere. Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead.

Janine said...

Dear Georgina,
The holiday you mentioned ist
St. Martin on 11.11. It´s celebrated with Brezeln or pastries.
Somebody has to play St. Martin and the beggar to tell their story.
All children went in a long procession to the place where going to light the Martins- fire. After that the children go from house to house with their lanterns and sing Martin- songs. Therefore they get sweets.
I love this holiday. And yes, you are right, Halloween became popular just the last years (we saw it in the movies).
I love Halloween too, but I am a little sad that it displace St. Martin.
I think there should be enough room for two holidays.
Have a lovely week

Julie said...

Wow are brave my dear. Don't think I could ever hold one....hope you have a great week! : )

my tiny studio said...

welcome back ,cool snake.


Pattee said...

You are just to fun and funny.... Wish I could come and visit!
I've never been afraid of snakes but my husband is deathly afraid... now moths... I can go screaming out of a room with a single moth but a big snake nope no worries there!

I think your little one is so sweet.....

I'm so glad you had a good time so now.... GO to you STUDIO!
: )Pattee
ps thanks for the comment about my witches!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Hello Georgina!

Nice to hear from you. I read your lovely post and let me say you are brave holding the snake like a champ. I dig that!! You are a beauty!! love the photos of you sooo beautiful and full of spirit. It would be so nice to have a grandma like you so cool!! I hope I did not offend you by saying grandma. My grandma was always angry and demanding oh rest her soul!! She could not help it, oh well. Oooh before I forget, I want to buy one of your pieces- the one I mentioned before, if is still available!! The end of next week. Oooh La llorona Georgina no te olvides de mi. Quando tengas tiempo!


yoborobo said...

Hey, welcome home! The snake is cool, but that grandbaby - he is ADORABLE!!!! :) Rest up, you are going to need energy for all those concerts! :) xo Pam

Anonymous said...

Oh super cool. I don't think I could place the snake on me. I have stroked a snake and know they feel nice and not at all slimy, so cool with this in any case!
So pleased you will be having another great night out.
Can I say, baby is just so beautiful.
Out of my six children I only managed to breast feed two sucessfully. I got too sore with my first so wouldn't entertain it with the second. Found out later that if I placed a little breast milk around the nipple area it creates a sheild barrier and I didn't get sore. Whay don't the nurses tell you this? I could of got it right from the beginning. David my third was born early and didn't have the strenght too. Hannah Yeah made it to 11 months breast feeding.
Abi she was born with broncilitus and couldn't. Then my youngest did, she like it so much I couldn't get her off,lol! She was nearly four when I stopped. I said now she is going to school she is a big girl now and it worked.
She is so bright and the tallest girl in the class, I come from a small family. Mark is just under 6ft. I can only put it down to right stuff! The baby books say that babies brain developemnt grows better and faster with breast milk upto 9 months old. So if your daughter can feed at least until then, baby is sure to be the brightest baby in town as well as pure good looks!
My youngest and I are so close, she tells me she loves me all the time and feel the breast feeding has created such a deep bond.
Life hey! Throws all kinds of lessons and we enter each one differently each time.
Sory just babbling on and have probabaly grossed you out,lol!
Have a great time and thank you so much for your visit and leaving a lovely message!
Love mums, there just awesome!

Gufobardo said...

I am here dear friend! I'm working on a new website and jewels...and so, you are ok, very good! hugs my friend, thank you for the visit to my blog!!!!

Designs By CK said...

Popping in to say a belated hello!

Have a great weekend!



Gloria said...

Such lovely pics and yes, there is a lot to be said for bottle feeding. Would love to be able to try holding a snake but don't think I could do it so big up to you brave girl!

Hi, I came through from Gloria's VivalaVida. This is my first visit to your blog and I love it. I'm going to sign up and follow you.

Come visit my blog and have a laugh with us:)

Have a blessed Sunday!

Andria said...

Pinche snake...was being brave for the boys, that thing scared the crap out of me. That was a miserable, hot day, but, most summer/early fall days are here in Austin!!!

As for the BFeeding--the fact that 3 out of 4 of my boys have all been boob men and are all quite healthy, there is a lot to be said. Sean, I will have to defend, although I never nursed him, he is EXTREMELY bright, always the smartest kid in his class and one of the top in his grade. Unfortunately, he is inundated with illnesses--asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. There is a lot to be said about the health benefit. Since Sammy was a preemie, I refuse to give him anything but the best!

Does it hurt...sure, at first!! I hate the "bottle is easier"...sure as hell isn't!! I always have my boobs with me :) At 3 am I can pop one out and go back to sleep, he lets me know when he's done! Bottles were a huge pain in the ass, and considering Sean had such terrible formula allergies, worth it!!!I just hate the big boobs...SOOOOO over rated!

Was nice having you here, mom--the boys always enjoy seeing you and you always drive me nuts letting them do sh*t we were never allowed to get away with. Also, I'm buying you a snake for Christmas--