Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looky, Looky What I've Won & Gratitude

Look at what I won at Pam's blog giveaway... I just love my little Constance Pettigrew ornie...she just brightens up my living room. Pam also sent me one of her adorable prints....again, just too adorable. Thank you Pam for everything...I'm very excited!

Lately, I've had some rather difficult decisions that will eventually be in my very near future and I just want to tell all of you how grateful I am to have such wonderful friends. I wish I could just give you all a great big hug and chocolate chip cookie!!! I've been playing with monster cookies...still have to figure out that high altitude thingy!!!! LOL Anyway, I'm so blessed to have buddies like you all. Life is good and it's been without it's trials and tribulations, but that's the way the cu-cumbers (those of you who remember "Laugh-In will remember Goldie Hawn playing the dumb blond always using one syllable "Well, that's the way the orange!).

Now onto the immediate plans, we'll be watching some spooky flicks this weekend. My sweet man ordered the last installment of "Saw" and Rob Zombie's rendition of the "Halloween" movie...he loves Rob Zombie, I on the other hand, not so much!!! LOL But hey, this guy is taking me to see the Celtic Women next to cut him some slack!! Should be a fun weekend...I loved last years Halloween, we took our little grandson out, wearing his sock monkey costume. People just couldn't get enough of him, including his grandparents!! LOL

Oh going to recommend 2 great movies I saw this past week, "Inherit the Wind," and "Milk." These are wonderful flicks and you should really rent them. "Inherit the Wind" is a movie based on the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trials. This teacher introduced Darwin's teachings into his classroom and the town went nuts. The case was tried by 2 very famous attorneys at the time, Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan. Spencer Tracy's character, Henry Drummond, is Darrow and Fredric March played the famous conservative and religious, Matthew Harrison Brady, his Bryan. Much of the trial's dialog was taken from the original court documents, so those scenes are just amazing. I held on to every word said...poetry, prose,'s all there. So go rent it.

The other is "Milk" a more recent movie about Harvey Milk, first gay assemblyman in San Francisco. Sean Penn played Harvey and did a fantastic job. As for Penn, personally I think he's a pseudo-intellectual bully, but he's a great actor. If that movie doesn't move you to go bash a few rednecks, then it's lost on you!!! LOL Only kidding about the rednecks, but it sure got my blood to a boil....great movie, go rent it!!!

Well, my friends, time to close this up and get my butt into the studio. The Chihuahuas are calling...they're cold and we still don't have are heater turned on. Winter introduced it's self to us yesterday and there was even a sprinkle of snow on our mountains...was beautiful, but the sun's out now and it's all gone...oh well, that's the way "squash!" Peace out, buddies.




Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what a sweet ornanment - I assume it's the orange skelly head, right? I think I recognize her work.

a sock monkey costume?? I want a sock monkey costume! LOL

Inherit the Wind and Milk really are two terrific films. Especially Inherit the Wind - wonderful performances...and a real exhibit of how far we've come as a nation, intellectually...though sometimes we seem to be sliding backwards. I had a few political issues with Milk - but Sean Penn's performance was absolutely worth of his Oscar.

...lovin' the vampire teeth!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Okay, now I have to come stael your shirt AND your goodies!!!
LUCKY YOU!!! Isn't Pams stuff the coolest???
I absolutely LOVE the pic of you at the bottom!!! I think that expresses my day most completely!
take care---hope *things* are going well or at least getting the info you need.


Diane MacNaughtan said...

Wahoo! Such a wonderful Treasure .
Looks great on your Halloween tree :)
I love your Happy Halloween pic of you. You always make me smile!


The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

This is nice, real nice!!!!!!!

I was thinking about you yesterday and this morning! I been listening to la llorona and I love it- I love the whole CD. I'm still feeling like crap but hey still creating when really I should be resting. I wanted to go out today and ship my items but my poor car won't start - so I'm stock here for another day. I been cooped up in here all this week now I need to get out. All well tomorrow is another day!! As for you Georgina have fun fun fun!! you are a blast and I love your spirit!!!!!!!!!!! mua mua para ti mujer!

peggy gatto said...

Sending you big boo hugs!!!

Gufobardo said...

Gerogina...I love your blog! I love it I love it! I think I will work on a ring this week end...I want a day with 1,000,000,000 hours...:O) ciao

Deborah said...

Oh lucky you!!! And thank you so much for having a lit candle for SPC Ryan! That means the world to me. When it gets cold here and I don't have the heater on, the chihuahuas look at me as if to ask "can we burn the furniture?" LoVe the photo of you!

Tracy M. said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your little ornie and print. I love her paintings. Have a super duper spooky fun Halloween!!!
Tracy M.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh you are so lucky!! Fabulous Treasures!! Adding the movies to my list! Love your teeth daaaarrrling! Have a wonderful Halloween!

glorv1 said...

Now those are some really nice gifts Georgina. Lucky you. I want to see the movie Milk as well. I'm going to rent it very soon. I just forget everytime I am out an about. Sounds like you have some very nice evenings planned ahead for you and your family. Enjoy yourself. Take care. That's the way the cookie crumbles. :D

yoborobo said...

Oh, Georgina! I'm so glad you like Constance! YAY! Love your Halloween tree, my friend. :) I've wanted to see Milk for awhile (must remember to get it). Inherit the Wind is fantastic.


PS Did you see Zombie Land? :)

oldblackcatboo said...

How awesome to get Pam's cool creations!!!!
I love your T-shirt! Your photo makes me smile!
I love to watch movies as I create but if they are REALLY good I get too distracted and stop to watch!
But I'll remember those for when I have some downtime!
I've been thinking about you and you sound good. I hope all goes well. Take care!

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm back again! I just posted my Halloween costume on my blog in response to Junker Jane's dress-up plea.
But I also had YOU in mind when I was taking the pics! Ha! Ha! Stop by and check me and Louie out!

Janine said...

Lucky you!
Congratulations Miss Vampirella
and Happy Halloween

MyPinkTurtle said...

Bonjour Georgina! I just LOOOOOVE your Halloween decorations! What a lucky girl you are to have received so many treats! I can't wait to receive Pam's little piece of art I won in her giveaway! And I ADORE the t-shirt you are wearing! Thanks for coming over and participating in my Fall giveaway! Have a GRRRRREAT Halloween weekend! Hugs, LuLu

Anonymous said...

Georgina...Happy halloween!! Have a great trip to the sppokier pastures! ha you crack me up!!!
Love your Halloween Tree too!!
Have fun out there in the great out west!!

Designs By CK said...

A big warm Happy Halloween to you as well! :-)

SpOOky Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Wishing you well and a happy Halloween, congrats too!

my tiny studio said...

Happy halloween Georgina :)


julie Haymaker thompson said...

love the vampire !!!Makes me want to rent a vampire movie tonight .HMM wonder if Twilight is out on DVD yet??? We did not have any tricker treaters!!! boo hooo I guess all those resses beanut butter cups will have to be for me!!!