Friday, October 23, 2009

Mean Jalapeno

I think Montezuma has forgotten about me, because the other night as I had a plate of delicious homemade nachos, some time during the night this little critter crawled into my dreams, or so I thought. He was ravenous....working his way down the esophagus then into my stomach and sometime yesterday, decided to hang around in my entrails!

Here I thought I was an outstanding Mexican...could handle anything hot. Even though my parents didn't partake in such heated experiences, my grandfather did. He'd even bring his own jalapenos to my mother's when they came over for dinner...since she and my father weren't much into it. When he and my grandmother traveled to Europe on the Queen Elizabeth, back in the 50's he took his hot sauce with him....a French chef apparently got his shorts in a tangle because the waiter reported him to this poo-poo, pinched faced cook! No grandfather just told him "no speekie Francee" and continued to enjoy his steak. They traveled everywhere and he took his capsicum along with him. When in Yugoslavia, yep it was still Yugoslavia back then, my grandparents and uncle, who was traveling with them, attached themselves (yikes, they sound like parasites) to the Mexican Ambassador to Yugoslavia's diplomatic attache and company. At a reception, Marshall Tito approached my grandfather and welcomed, "Senor Embajador" to Yugoslavia. Well, I'm sure you could hear a pin drop, but my grandfather had to explain that he wasn't the ambassador when the attache quickly took ol' Tito and introduced him to the real McCoy. My grandmother said the Mexican ambassador was this little short Mexican chap with a small waxed moustache...quite insignificant looking, well, according to my grandmother. Anyway, seems Tito liked my grandfather so they hung out for a bit while my grandparents waited for their next destination. My grandfather's the one to the left with the cigarette in his mouth, right is Marshall Tito of Yugoslavia.

So How did I get into this little sidetrack...well, my granddad was one hell of a guy. He passed away in 1972, just 6 months before I was wed. He was a wonderful guy and taught me how to enjoy mangoes, exotic fruits, chiles, Russell Stover candy,( the mint patti), chiclets and told wonderful stories from their days living in Revolutionary Mexico until he and grandmother came to this country. I'm ashamed that one little tiny jalapeno was the culprit in putting down this hu-eg hulk of a woman for 12 hours, and tonight, I will attempt it again, since he never gave up, I won't either...but could someone pass the Pepto!!!! Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

WHAT am I going to DO with you???? Oy, woman.....they don't make enought St. Jude candles to keep up with your stomach adventures!
I loved hearing about your grandfather, and it would be wonderful to know about Revolutionary Mexico, because I am sure the history book have been sanitized, and besides, it is different LIVING it and relating the experience.
You are lucky, mucho!
And stay the HELL away from the peppers!!! Puh-LEEEEEZE!!!!

Anne.....NOLA cayenne girl

glorv1 said...

Great story about your Grandfather. Tummy still hurting? Why don't you try some HABANERO'S, now those will really give you a tummy ache:DDD I bet there are a lot of good stories that you have to tell and I would be the first to read them. Thanks for sharing.

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Pendeja......I mean like totally. Didn't you just have a bout with the pepper patrol and lose not long ago. You're worse than a little kid. Don't touch the stove it's hot honey.....don't touch the stove it's hot honey....oh shit now look what you've done. I repeat pendeja. I love you honey but OMG don't touch the peppers. Shelley says come visit. We'll have oatmeal and milk toast and water and drink teguila so we won't miss the food. Aye, amiga, povrecita, be good to yourn innards.
Blessings and goats, Linda

Designs By CK said...

TOO funny about your dad's traveling hot sauce! LOL '-)

Have a great weekend.

Chris (-:

Designs By CK said...

Ooopsie I meant your grandfather! You knew what I meant! :-)

I'm not awake yet, not enough coffee. Hehe


faerie enchantment said...

LOL Jalapeno, too funny, I"m actually working on a custom charlotte now w/ a jalapeno head for a customer, too funny.

Also great story too!

P.S Watch out for those peppers!

Georgina said...

Ok, ok, I know I'm a pendeja, Linda...more or less what you were saying Anne and Gloria, are you friggin' out of your mind??!!!?!?!? Well, I didn't make the Rigatoni Isabella last night, but that's on the menu for tonight. Last night I made hot wings and not one little rumble in my tummy. I eat lots of jalapenos, but that one or that and it's friends were especially a little harsh with this chubby grandmommy!! My daughter told me to stay away from them too...she remembered the last time I had a little stomach problem, it was due to the evil jalapeno. If I can't eat them, then just shoot me with a nerf gun!!!

Thanks you crazy people for coming by and getting after me, but you know what a b-a-d girl I am!!!!

Blessings and goats to all. xxxooo

glorv1 said...

Georgina, I remember my step-mom was a big chili eater. She was from Guadalajara. Every morning she would make herself one scrambled egg, warm up two corn tortillas and pour her coffee and set out two large jalapeno's on her plate. Every day and I always enjoyed watching her. She never complained about any heat. As the years/decades went on, she couldn't eat those chili's anymore. It was sad because she wanted them so badly. As for you dear lady, just don't eat so many of them, that way you'll be able to still eat them...later on.:D Have a great weekend amiga.

yoborobo said...

Georgina! You are hilarious! Now, put DOWN THE PEPPAS!!!! What, are you suicidal? Don't make me come over there!!!! Love the story of your Grandpa and Tito - so funny!

Hey to distract you from eating things that you shouldn't, you won the little skelly ornament "Constance Pettigrew" on my blog giveaway. YAY!

Tracy M. said...

Oh, Georgina you crack me up! Loved the story about your Abuelo .(Did I spell that right? I have a hard enough time with English.) Great picture, wouldn't it be nice if we still dressed like that?
Take care,
Tracy M.