Saturday, August 1, 2009


As you can tell, this is a sculpture of a gynecologist with his patient. I made this last December for a client who wanted something entertaining and a conversation piece in her husband's office. I would say this little sculpture represents both and then some. The reason I re-posted these photos is due to the fact I went to visit mine this past Wednesday. I received a post card from them a couple of weeks back giving me directions to their new location. The building looked awfully familiar but I just couldn't place it even though, the address was plainly there...still couldn't let go of the grey cells that control that part of the memory.

When I arrived, lo and behold, it hit me...the little gray matter was almost falling out of my nose because I was laughing so hard. I couldn't believe it, there it was, memories of my youth, it was the old Kappa Sigma frat house!!!! And on the other side of them was the old Tri Delts...oh, this was just too good to be true!!!! Both building are now being occupied by OB-GYN's!!!! So much fodder for jokes...I was falling all over myself just waiting to get a dialogue going with the staff.

I started with the woman who took my vital signs and the whole conversation deteriorated from there. We were laughing so hard, the receptionist and doctor had to come out and see what was going on...entirely too much laughter, so it peeked their curiosity...they didn't want to miss out! The receptionist already knew it was the old KS house, but never was invited in. I told her one of my old boyfriends was a frat brother of this group and of course the questions came streaming from wild parties to the sluts who used to be regulars....myself not included in that category!! I told them I went to a couple of parties, saw a lot of effects of liquor but always remaind downstairs where the party was, never went upstairs to the room...I was always a nice girl. I told them that years later, this boyfriend came out and I had always suspected, but he just wouldn't admit to it...he became quite a man-whore during his youth...girls were always around him. Oh well, I'm just glad that he's happy now and have invited him and his partner out for drinks.

OK, I digress. Anyway, we thought it was hilarious at the fact they were old Greek houses and that the children conceived at that time in those rooms were either parents already or having babies now. Sweet delight. I harbour no ill-will towards those members even though the woman in Greek organizations didn't like the G.D.I.'s (Goddamn Independents) but colour me a G.D.I. I was not sorority material! Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is just tooooooo funny for words! I would have been ROARING too! Yeah, hate to think of the number of sperm spread in both those buildings.....SNARF!!!!
And needless to say, I was never sorority material either.
Thank God!!!!
This is the best post of the day!

Anonymous said...

Proof that everything comes full circle eventually!

The Itsy Bitsy Spill said...

Ahora la lluvia regresa y el calor es menos que ayer. Me gusta la lluvia!!

I tell mother nature to give you rain. I'm loving your post hilarious!!

I dread going to the GYN to get a papsmear, is it how you spell it?mmmmm anyways I get frighten but needs to be done. The things that women have to go through, my god!!
Having my surgery soon and that in itself it's gruesome to me. Never had one you see. It will be good at the end.

Te me cuidas!!


WingingIt said...

hey...thanks for all the nice comments you leave for me to read...loving your work!!!

Brandi McKenna said...

VERY hilarious!!! I love the little sculpture...I wasn't a sorority girl either! And I can tell you are too non conformist for that! Love your skeleton dolls too!