Monday, August 3, 2009


I'm a nervous wreck!!!! My little Samuel Alexander Nichols is on his way. My daughter called last night to tell me she was i-vied and ready to get this moving. I half expected a text of some sort to update me this morning, but nothing. I had to go get my mammogram (squeeesh) and was hoping I'd have a message of some sort when I was through.

Long story short, she's dilated 5 cm and was given something for her discomfort...her hubby told me she was asleep and that he was very worried. This is his first but her 4th, so she's a pro at this. I told him not to worry and get some sleep...he'll need it!!!!

So here I wait for some even biting my nails and I haven't done that since I was 5 years old!!! This is the first birth that I will not be in attendance since she now lives in Austin, and I'm here in El Paso. I decided to visit them in late September...already made my flight reservations.

I'm segwaying a bit, but the other day I was watching a comedian on the Comedy Channel and he was talking about being present at his child's birth. He said people don't usually think about how big 10cm is till you see your child being born. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch...really funny guy!! Funny to hear a man's view on watching the birth of his children. My now ex told me when he was there for the 3rd child, my Ian, he said I was very hostile with him....well, you try blowing a baby grand piano out of a space no bigger than your nostrils!! I do recall telling him to stop rubbing my leg, which was towards the end of the delivery...he kept rubbing it; I assume it was just a nervous act, but I finally told him if he didn't stop, I'd rip his right arm off and shove it up his....well, you know the rest!!!

Just glad my baby making days are over, but now have to worry about my baby girl having her baby. Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm sorry you're worrying but, damn! You're funny when you post it!
Try and calm down---things will be okay, even if you aren't there to supervise. Sounds like your daughter knows what she's doing.


Andria said...

The pregnancy that never ends is still....never ending!!! I came in fast and furious, dialating fast and then uterus and vagina have formed a couthe and now I sit and wonder WHEN this child is coming out. They are limited on what they can do to help me out at only 36 weeks---not "technically" full term until 37. Sigh....

America Alcala said...

Wow...this is so exciting! I know you feel nervous but her husband is there...{akward silence}...LOL just kidding! he should just hold her hand very tight, that always made me feel better when I was giving birth!
She'll be fine Georgina this is her fourth baby it will be a snap before you know it,you will have your new baby grandson! YEY!

glorv1 said...

Be brave, relax and enjoy. You'll be fine, just fine. :D Take care and have a great week.