Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shrines, Cheese & Life

I have a few things I want to show you, but I still haven't gotten my butt into the living room to take those pics...some biddness woman I am!!! I'm planning on doing lots more in the next day or two and will begin to post my babies on my Etsy or here...who ever wants to buy them first...I'm not particular!!

Yesterday I went shopping with the "Baba," my mother, that's her grandie name. We went to the St. Jude shrine, a small little room next to the St. Jude Church in the Upper Valley here in El Paso. Every time St. Jude answers one of her prayers or sometimes he does it in bunches, we go to the shrine. This one was for our little little grandson that came just a bit earlier than expected. Well, even though we have surpassed the 3 digit weather now, low 90's this week, it's still hotter than hell in that little room. Imagine several rows of religious candles all lit and emitting heat from those glass jars sitting in metal candle cross buns-hot!!!!!! I swear, you can bake bread in that little, shrine. After giving thanks and asking the Big Guy to watch over family and friends, I was ready to high tail it don't have to be in menopause to have a hot flash in there!!!

Later, we went to this little grocery store down the road from the shrine. It's typically a little ma & pa store catering to the Mexican population's taste in food and culture, moi included! We bought bananas, avocados, fruit, spices in little bags, bolio (Mexican rolls), pan dulce (sweet bread for dunking in coffee or milk), Mexican white cookies, polvorones (coloured cookies that melt in your mouth...lard is so versatile!), and asadero, this wonderful white string cheese that's this little wheel of plain heaven...I used it last night on our chile relleno burritos...I get the goose bumps just thinking about it!!

What I'm getting at, is that when we loaded up the car with our spicy and creamy treasures, my mother gasped at how we were going to keep the cheese cool while we continued running errands: "You know you're a beaner put your asadero in your purse to keep it cool while you do more shopping!!!" Oey vey!!! It fell out at Hobby Lobby while I was ready to pull out my wallet and instead, my cheese fell onto the counter...I made no comment or reacted, just stuck it back in my purse and took out my debit card!!

It's time for me to get into that studio and get to work. I will be posting pics soon as I get my butt into the living room, for now, it's the studio. Peace out.


glorv1 said...

Hi Georgina. How funny that your cheese fell on the counter from your purse. heheehehe. :D You should have those bags they sell at the store that keep things cold for an hour or so. They are insulated and they work pretty good. I have about 5 that I keep in my car for just that purpose of keeping things cool. Sounds like you got a lot of great things to eat. Have a good day. Take care.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I can't think of a good cheese joke, and I wish I could! Because that's hilarious!!!!
Your description of the St. Jude shrine reminds me of going to the Virgin of Guadalupe grotto in New Orleans. Built of stone and most of the inside covered with ex-votos, I *assumed* it would be cool in the dark and shady space......
......and then I saw all the candles lit upon the floor, seven day candles, putting out heat to combine with the humidity and excessive heat of the sun in that section of the U.S.
I thought I would keel over before I could get photos taken!
So I hear ya girl!
And put the cheese in the fridge..... ;)

yoborobo said...

Hi Georgina - I am cracking up at your cheese story! haha! What we'll go through for FOOD. The shrine sounds lovely (I'm sure it was extremely toasty in there). As for hot weather and food, I just schlep a little cooler with a cold pack everywhere. Or I could put the cold pack in my purse! hahahah!

America Alcala said...

Hi Georgina! When you started saying things about the asadero reminded me that my mother brought me one from Mexico the other day...I need to go pick it up! hehe Isn't it the most delicious cheese?! Yum...and I wish i could have seen the cashiers reaction! lol



Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Aye, muchacha. You are tooooo fonny. Cheese on the counter, OMG you are a riot.
Hey, just talking about polvorones y pan dulce....I gained weight reading your blog. yum. And now I know what we will have for dinner tonight, rellenos and counter cheese.
goats and blessings, Linda una loca tambien