Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Work

Here are the latest little things I've been making as of late. Doesn't seem like much, but I have to beg, borrow and steal time to do some work in my studio. My family is very important to me, so they always come first.

Anyway, I thought making Halloween ornies would be fun to make and reasonable to sell. I told my step-daughter about Halloween trees and she got all excited about putting one up for our little Aiden. I told her I'd contribute to her tree...can't wait to see when she's done with her creation.

The above are little ornies for the tree or even to hang on your rear view mirror...I know, I'm such a beaner, but I have a little skelly man hanging from my mirror and a crazy, insane wonderful Serbian lady in IN also has one of my creations hanging from her rustmobile, as she calls it!!! The lower 2 are just fun little things: I made a small painting of a ballet prima dona on stage and one of my can people. I'll be listing them on my Etsy page soon.

An update on my little Sammy, he's off the ventilator and breathing on his own, but he's far from coming home. My daughter comes home today and I want her to just rest. I told her that my intentions for going to visit were not to see Sammy, that will wait till Sept., but to care for my other little members of the Penis Posse. I told her I needed to stop at a Michael's or Hobby Lobby to pick up supplies for my long stay. I doubt I can take my sculpture tools even if I pack them in my bag I hand over which is then quickly opened, things tussled and a sweet little note saying you're bag has been profiled...er...searched. I've always been the one pulled out of the line...the last time that happened, I was so furious and frustrated because it was always me, I walked on to my gate and told my friends to just call me "F***in' Mahmoud!!" I digress, so I'm going to pick up a few things so I'll have something to do other than rile my boys up then beat them...Just Kidding...I don't beat them, I lock them up in a dark closet!!!!! I figured if I took my tools, they'd be removed and if I took some paper clay, they'd think it was explosive plastique, so why bother.

I'll keep you posted once I get there; luckily, they have a nice 'puter. Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Quite cool!
I love the little Skellie man! They all are so distinct! We should have Halloween trees all year; I loved that book, "The Halloween Tree" and highly recommend it to anyone. I amasuming it is still in print.
You take care girl!


glorv1 said...

I'm glad little Sammy is doing better. I love your work. Those are great for el Dia also. Nice job. Have a great Wednesday.

WingingIt said...

you are a good woman...i am holding sammy dear...family is everything...and then there is time for art..right? hang in there and play when you can!

Michele Lynch Art said...

Love your ornies!! Have fun with the boys and I'm glad Sammy is doing better.

America Alcala said...

They are so cute Georgina and I am so happy that the baby is doing better! Take care! :)

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Those ornies are very cool and what a great idea to hang one from your car mirror.
I know what you mean about beg,borrow or steal time to create, LOl...
my family comes first as well and I wouldnt have it an other way:)


Chaska said...

What a great idea these "ornies" are!!! I can also see them in Day of the Dead shrines. You are so creative!