Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Babies

Well, there they are, The Penis Posse...all four of them! They look so angelic, don't they...NOT!!! I captured their true essence LOL!!! Actually, the angelic one is still too young to strut his stuff, but give him time...that poor cat and dog, especially the cat!!!

Got some work done in my studio yesterday but haven't taken pics yet...paint still drying. I began some work before leaving for Austin, so now that all are complete, I can move on to more fun stuff. I found this self hardening clay that can be thrown on the potters wheel, so I can't wait to plug in my ol' wheel and try some throwing. It's bee about 4 years since I've thrown and I know I can't move the amount of clay I used to, but I'll start slowly. It will be fun to do that again. My slab roller is now a holding table for junk, but I should clean that off and do some slab work. I've become pretty good and hand building, example, my dolls, but to do some real ceramic work would be great. I have a kiln, an old electric, but I don't have a place to put in in my house, so it sits in my mother's garage till then.

Today my mother and I are going to the cemetery to visit my Pop. He comes by every so often in my dreams, so he's always in my thoughts...and dreams. My mother has a doc's appointment at 3:30 and has asked me to stay and take her since she doesn't want to fight the traffic later on..don't blame her, now if I can get someone to take both of us so we don't have to fight the traffic!!! LOL

Well, it's time for me to close up here. I'm excited about the next few will all be studio work, so hooray for me!!! Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sounds like you have your hands full with the *little ones*..... ;)
And you and your mom take care while making your visit. I am such a wuss I cannot even THINK of going to my folks grave.....but I suppose in my heart I know they're not there. It's just a memorial to the physical as the spiritual has moved on.



Janine said...

The boys are really cute.

Abi said...

They are all gorgeous looking kids!

America Alcala said...

Such cute boys and the baby is adorable! Biological clock ticking........NOT! lol Hope to see some of your Arte soon Georgina! :)

WingingIt said...

have fun in your studio love...thanks for sharing the babies!!!

yoborobo said...

As the mom of 3 boys and stepmom to one more - I feel your pain! hahahaha! They are a handful, those boys. But yours look like they are a lot of fun, too. :)

Tracy M. said...

Hi Georgina, I haven't been by in a while. Wow you've been busy! Congrats on the new baby penis, good to hear he's doing better. Your new ornaments are great. I too love the smell of roasting chiles, a lot of that going on around here too.
Talk to ya soon,
Tracy M.

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Congrats on the new grandie!!!
Hope all is well for you and the adorable " Penis Posse "!!!