Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Fortune Teller-Sra. Jesusita

This little lady has a story. Actually, it's my story, it happened to me. I was about 16 and one of my friends heard about a fortune teller in the Sunset Heights area of town, now a hysterical landmark. It turned out she lived next door to a really good friend of mine. My friend's family house was built by Henry Trost, a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright. Ok, I digress, anyway, we drive to this woman's house expecting someone a bit more, well, fortune teller looking. This Mexican woman, who's English was limited, answered the door wearing a bright coloured house dress, a ragged tunic on her head and what really impressed me, was her choker pearl necklace...what a riot! She was covered with a bit of make-up and at her age, I would say less is more!! I don't know if her house was also a Trost house, but it was really something else. My friend and her 2 friends, goofs if you ask me but they were public school types!!!!! LOL I was a Catholic school girl at the time, wearing my school uniform to a fortune tellers house....the bishop lived close by!!! hahahaha!!!

So we enter this house straight out of the Victorian era and she had death masks on her wall in this room she took us into...that creeped out the girls....I was in awe...go figure. She took us individually and I chose to be last because my eyes needed time to soak up all the wonderful antiques and somewhat ghoulish taxidermy in the outer room. Then it was my turn. It was an enclosed glass room within the room...very cool! She did have a major distraction, a parrot that flew around in the room and at one point, decided to land on my head...maybe that explains why I'm not much of a birdie person. She told me who I would marry. Now I was 16 as green as they come, hadn't had a legitimate date yet and she was telling me who I was going to marry...oh paleezzz!!

She told me he would be a tall, blond, good-looking man a bit older than I. I just poo-p00ed the the whole thing, because I liked tall, dark men with light eyes, so that wasn't going to happen. Well, a couple of years later, I thought I had met my dream, a tall, dark, crystal green eyed, gorgeous NY Italian fresh out of West Point. Well, that didn't happen. A few months later, when I was almost 19, I was set up with a blind date; he needed a date to a friends how cliche is that???!?!?!?!? He came to my door and there he stood, this tall, blond, good-looking Tennessean...I was doomed! Well, fast forward to the present, I'm no longer married to the Tennessean...made my life hell for those last couple of years of marriage, but I'm waaaay over it. I'm now happily married to my sweet man who went to the local Catholic boys high school that no longer exists. Needless to say, a few years ago during my seperation, I had my palm read at a baseball game...the guy was sitting behind me and his friend was a tarot card read. I made an appointment to see her and she told me I'd be divorced by the end of the year...I protested and told her, in so many words, that she was full of it...I had all expectations of a reconciliation (and Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny were going to officiate when we renewed our vows). Well, she was right about one thing, I was divorced by the end of the year, but the following year.

So I no longer visit soothsayers and just chalk it up to luck on their part!! I don't want to know my future, I'm happy with now and maybe an hour from now, but that's as far as I'll go. I take each day as a gift and an adventure. Peace out.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the whole story behind this---I can see it all, especially the school uniform as I was MOST FAMILIAR with those!
And I now understand why you're not a bird person....untrained parrots are mean! (and they crap a lot....)
This was priceless.....I think you should set Sr. Jesusita someplace where you can get a glimpse of her daily......yikes. I don't want to know my future, though there is always that niggling thought....
I had one tarot reading done and it was so dead on it scared me. Enough! Eh? ;)

Tracy M. said...

Hi Georgina, I LOVE your new creations, especially the fortune teller and your story. How much is she? I might have to have her.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

Tracy M. said...

Oh I forgot, I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter.
See ya..

Catherine L. Mommsen said...

Georgina, I'm so stupid about Blogspot, I just now figured out how to get from your profile to your blog. First, thank you for the support and care of your comments. Next ... your dolls are fantastic! I love the offbeat and unique, and they fit that description. Lovely work. Finally ... I love the music on your page. Incredibly beautiful.

Shes Off Her Rocker said...

I LOOOVE your stories georgina! Fortune tellers are neat. What a riot!! I also do NOT want to know about the future too much. The present is all I can deal with! HAA!!!Love reading your blog lady!!
Happy day@!!