Friday, August 28, 2009

Monster in the Closet Swap

Well, Hallo-weenie to you all. Just got an email from that wonderful gal, Zan Asha. She's having yet another swap, but instead of little sea beauties, she's asking us to make the scariest little doll that best represents what lived under our beds or closets as children. For my little creatures, it was a matter of survival. They had to "squeesh" themselves between shoes, socks, toys, lost homework, and who knows what else. At least my mother didn't have to contend with maggots and scorpions...that's another story for later.

So if any of you are interested, just click on the badge to your right for the rules and regulations. rules...regulations?????? We don't need no stinkin' rules and regulations! Hey, we're going to be swapping with someone else, so best foot forward!! Hope you join up and I know you'll have a blast....I sure did with her last swap and I received an absolutely adorable little star fish in return...she sits right here on my desk. Peace out.


Designs By CK said...

Have a great weekend Georgina!

Chris :-)

Pimplarian Pudus said...

Hi Georgina :)

Sorry about my bad english!

Thank you very much for your interest in my work, I really appreciate it :)

Have a nice day, Greetings, Sandra.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina,

Wanted to post on this yesterday---wish I made dolls, so cool! HAd a migraine and couldn't see....seems to be returning....the scorpions sound, well, not so bad at the moment!!!
You always find the neatest stuff.....



oldblackcatboo said...

I'm not ready to commit quite yet, I have to make sure I have time to make something REALLY good!
I've been reading over your blog, you are hilarous! I loved the cheese falling out of the purse at Hobby Lobby!
I'm probably clueless but I can't seem to find the name of your Etsy shop! I want to check that out too!
Please clue me in! Have a greeat weekend!